Elements Of Design 2

Line – In this photo none of the lines are a basic horizontal or vertical. They are all diagonal or curved. This gives a more sharp feel. The meat is set up in overlapping diagonal lines making it almost feel like there is more food. The curved lines in the rice and vegetables give a softer feel, relaxing the look of the plate.

Texture – This photo shows lots of different texture. This is shown in the vegetables, meat, and even in the sauce. Most obviously is the meat. Its texture makes the meat look really tender and easy to chew. The vegetables, for example the baby corn, has a more rough texture commonly associated with most vegetables. This is with the exception of the peppers because of their smooth skin. The sauce looks like it is very smooth but only slightly viscous.

Form – This photo actually has quite a lot of form. The Meat is cut quite a bit thicker giving it a more popped up look. It is then stacked on top of each other making the illusion of more food. The rice is stacked up in a thin pile under the meat to give the meat slightly more height. The vegetables are laid out beside one another but still slightly overlapping giving the plate a messy yet still appealing look to it.

Space – Space in this photo is shown by the way the meat is laying on the plate. This is because the meat is laying diagonally on top of each other. The meat being diagonal shows the perspective of the plate and how it keeps going past the 2D image we see into 3D. The meat being over top of each other gives the illusion of more meat  as ell as a more appealing softer look when seeing the plate.


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