Elements Of Design 3

Texture – The sesame seeds give the meat a more bumpy texture. Though the meat by itself has almost a combination of bumpy and smooth because of the sauce cooked into it. The noodles have a grainy look to them, making them look homemade and possibly a bit stiffer.

Shape – In this picture shape is used in a few places. Such as the shape of the meat or the carrot sticks. In the meat it is the rectangular shape it was cut into before being cooked to give it a cleaner look. With the carrots they are also cut into rectangles but more long and thin. This gives the plate and more organized professional feel to it.

Colour – colour is used in different aspects of this photo. The green beans and carrots are used to add an eye catching colour to the photo that would otherwise just have plain brown and black colours in it. The photographer also chose a black plate to make the beans and carrots seem even more vibrant and eye catching. The bright green and orange colours of the vegetables are also slightly complimentary colours with the other dark colours in the photo.

Line – Line is shown in quite a few different places in this dish. It has Diagonal lines and Horizontal lines. The diagonal lines are  on the cut of the carrot as well as the way the meat is placed off center. The horizontal line is actually also kind of Diagonal but is more horizontal than not. It is shown in the way the chopsticks have been placed. These different lines give a organized but fun feel to the dish, from the lines being perfectly straight but on slight tilts.



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