Elements Of Design 1

Line – In this Photo the fruit is cut into very clean straight vertical and horizontal lines. This is to show the very distinct separation of the different types of fruit. Though the fruit still has a slight curved line to it (ex. Strawberry). This gives the feel of the fruit being more natural. This makes it more appealing and adds a softer contrast to the sharp vertical and horizontal lines.

Colour – In this photo colour is set up in a way that the natural colours of the fruit contrast each other. An example of this is the way the artist stacked  the green fruits with the reds. The artist also set up the majority warm colours together. This combination of contrasting colours and colours in the same area of warm cool spectrum gives the sense of freshness. It makes it seem more appetizing by playing with the colour spectrum.

Value/Tone – In this photo every single element in it is bright and vibrant. This gives it a happy playful tone. The fruits used are all bright, strong, and ripe coloured. They give the feeling of freshness because they are all the brightness that would be expected of perfectly ripe fruit. The bright vibrant tone of the photo makes you thing that the fruit would be juicy and delicious.

Shape – The main most obvious shape in this picture is squares, But it also has rectangles as well as tear drop shapes, even going so far into having half cylinders. The squares and rectangles are the more prominent shapes because all of the fruit pieces are cut in a way that they will have those shapes. The tear drop shape is less prominent but still easy to see, because it is the very dart kiwi seeds. The half cylinder is the hardest to see but is also in the kiwi. It is the lighter corner that has all of the seeds. All of these different shapes give a more clean neat felling to the picture. As well as some fascination due to the fact that there are a lot more shapes in fruit then you would normally think there are.


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