These are the scones myself and my lab partner made. We did some good things as well as made some mistakes in this lab. We did a garlic toast kind of theme for the flavour variation in these scones.

One thing that my partner and I did well was time management. We had enough time to set up bake and clean up afterward. As well as enough time for us to do our photos.

One thing my partner and I  did well on our  photo was putting the parmesan and parsley on top to add a bit more colour, texture, and appeal to the picture.

One thing that me and my partner could do differently in the lab next time is making sure to fully read the recipe and follow it step for step, so as not to forget any ingredients, such as baking soda in this recipe,that might not be on the directions.

One thing my partner and I would do differently in our photo next time is too maybe take the picture in a brighter location. The photo lack a bright natural light. even though it was taken near a window it was a very dark day making our photo quite dark.

The recipe and variations are:

Scones- Sweet or Savory

450 ml flour

15 ml baking powder

15 ml sugar

6 ml salt

30 ml butter

125 ml milk

7 ml lemon juice or vinegar

60 ml water, approximately

Preheat oven to 400°F.

Sift flour into a large bowl. Stir in sugar and salt.

Cut butter into flour mixture until it resembles fine breadcrumbs.

Make a well in the centre. Add buttermilk and water. Using a fork, stir until dough almost comes together, adding more water if necessary.

On a lightly floured surface, knead dough until it comes together. Press or roll out to a 3cm-thick round on parchment lined pan. Divide into eight equal wedges and separate slightly.

Bake for 15-17 minutes, or until light golden and hollow when tapped.


Raisin and walnut: Add 60 ml chopped pitted raisin and 30 ml chopped walnuts to dry ingredients

White chocolate and cranberry: Add 40 ml dried cranberries and 40 ml finely chopped white chocolate in with dry ingredients.

Blueberry and cinnamon: Add 60 ml fresh or frozen blueberries and 3 ml ground cinnamon into dry ingredients.

Orange choc-chip: Add 60 ml dark or milk choc chips and 7 ml orange zest into dry ingredients.

Herb and cheese: Reduce sugar to 5 ml. Add 30 ml dried herbs and 30 ml parmesan cheese into dry ingredients. Sprinkle tops of scones with cheese before baking.

Sun-dried tomato and basil: Reduce sugar to 5 ml. Add 60 ml finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes, 30 ml grated parmesan and 10 ml dried basil in with dry ingredients.

Feta, olive and basil: Reduce sugar to 5 ml. Add 40 ml drained, chopped and pitted black olives, 50 ml crumbled feta and 10 ml dried basil leaves in with dry ingredients.





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