Cinnamon Buns

This is the cinnamon buns that me and my lab partner made for our second culinary arts lab. They are classic cinnamon buns with no added variations.

One thing me and my partner did well on this lab was working well as a team. Even though we didn’t have the best time management. We still got every thing done and we worked well together and never felt stressed or frustrated with each other.

One thing my partner and I did well on the photo was our use of props. We thinly sliced and apple and used a paring knife to shape it to look like a heart. We also used some chopped up walnuts and ground cinnamon to decorate around the plate. as well as cinnamon sticks to add more dimension. To add a contrast colour and a bit of shininess we put some cream cheese glaze on the cinnamon bun as well.

One thing my partner and would do differently in in the lab next time is our time management. Our cinnamon buns were in the oven for longer than anticipated. This caused us to be slightly rushed at the end of the day. We felt stressed to get our pictures done and get everything cleaned.

One thing my partner and i could do differently on our photo is to maybe clean up the table cloth off first or try to get more texture on the cinnamon bun.

Two elements of design my partner and i used in the photo are line, and shape. Line is used by the square plate and the cinnamon sticks going in a different direction than the plate lines. Shape is used in the apple heart. This adds a bit more colour and creativity to the photo.

The Recipe for these cinnamon buns is:

Activated Yeast
12 ml yeast, 65 ml warm water,3 ml sugar dissolve
*let activate DO NOT STIR!!

125 ml warm milk (125 water 40 ml milk powder)

125 ml warm water

1 egg, slightly beaten

30 ml white sugar

65 ml melted margarine

1 ml salt

725-750 ml white all-purpose flour, divided

Day 1

• Dissolve yeast as shown.
• Slightly beat egg- set aside.
• Mix together 125 ml warm water and 125 ml warm milk, add sugar salt then dissolve into milk mixture.
• Add egg, yeast mixture and melted margarine to milk mixture.
• Place 375 flour into large mixing bowl– make a well, add wet ingredients. Mix with a spoon until mixture is too thick to stir, adding more flour as necessary.
• Knead dough into a ball– (approximately 25 turns and pushes.)
• When dough feels elastic– place back into a large mixing bowl that has been oiled. Coat dough with a small amount of oil.
• Let rise until doubled in size or as long as you need.
Middle Topping for day 2

125 ml brown sugar
10 ml cinnamon
50 ml margarine (melted)
Spread for the pan for day 2
125 ml brown sugar
10 ml cinnamon
50 ml margarine

Day 2

• Preheat oven 350. Grease pan and add the spread to the bottom of the pan and set aside.
• When dough is ready to roll place a rounded ball of dough onto floured board or counter. Roll dough into an elongated oval until about 1 inch (the size of your thumb) in thickness.
• Spread melted margarine onto the dough like buttering a sandwich. Sprinkle with 125 ml brown sugar and then 10 ml cinnamon.
• Roll dough jelly roll style and pinch seams together and cut.
• Place buns cut side up onto a greased sheet and let rise (about 5 minutes–) or they can be baked almost right away. Brush with melted margarine.

Bake at 350 degrees F– for 15- 20 minutes. Buns are done if tops are light golden brown– beware the oven temp– some ovens are hotter than others– if so reduce heat to 300 degrees F–



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