Elements of design 4

Shape – Shape is a little harder to find in this photo. Though it can be seen in the herbs on the top of the pasta dish. In the leafs of one and the spikes of the other. This is a very mild image of shape but with the leafs they are a tear drop shape. And like they are called the spikes are spiked shaped which is anot extremely thin long rectangle.

Space – Space in this photo can be shown in the depth of the bowl or even between the noodles. The use of lighting gave the bowl shadows that make the bowl look possibly deeper than it is. The space between the noodles gives the illusion of more food than there is actually there. There is also a mental aspect to the space between the noodles because when you think of noodles stacked on a plate spaces between the noodles are always pictured.

Colour – This is the most obvious element of design in this picture because it is so vibrant. The sauce on the noodles is an almost neon orange red hue. This gives it a fresher more appealing look to it. The bright green of the herbs on top of the pasta adds to the look of freshness the plate has. Green and red are also opposite colours on the colour wheel so they both pop out when put together. In all the vibrant colours give an illusion of freshness and that makes the plate seem more appealing to the eye.


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