Sourdough Bread

Sourdough bread has may different benefits and differences than mass produced bread. Three of these are, way less ingredients three to be exact, Has a better flavour, and is healthier for you do to majority of the gluten being broken down.

Bread is tied to political stability. This is because bread is a basic staple food that is required to survive. Due to this bread or the ingredients in bread are normally the cheapest things to buy. If the prices of bread or these ingredients rises then it is almost always connected to a bad economy, and if the economy is bad then that is a good sign of political instability. So because bread is such a staple food then when the prices of it rise then it is a good sign of political instability and a bad economy.

The recipe for this sourdough bread is:

To care for starter-
• Add 125 ml each water and flour to feed
• Every 24 hours if storing on the counter
• If it has been dormant in the fridge for a while:
o pour off hooch (leave some for additional sour flavor)
o bring to room temp 1-3 days before you want to use it
o leave on the counter and feed every 24 hours
• On the counter, cover with coffee filter or clean cloth to keep contaminates out while allowing air circulation.
• To test for readiness, drop a teaspoon of starter into a glass of water. If it floats, it is ready to use.
To make sponge-
• In a bowl, combine
o 180 ml active starter
o 380 g flour (650-700 ml)
o 300 ml water
o 15 ml sugar (honey, agave, or maple syrup is best)
o 7.5 ml coarse salt (4 ml if using regular table salt)
• Stir until shaggy
• Cover with saran wrap and allow to rest for 12-24 hours
To prep for baking-
• Preheat oven and pot to 450°
• Add 60-125 ml additional flour- as little as possible.
• Dump onto parchment and shape into circle
• Slit the top to allow for rising
• Place into pot, on parchment paper, and cover with lid
• Reduce heat to 425°
• Bake 40-60 minutes then remove lid and bake 10-15 mins more
• Remove from oven and allow to rest for at least 30 minutes to finish baking interior.


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