Elements of Design 5

Form – In this photo Form is used on every aspect. The leafs are in the form of 3D leafs. Making them pop out more. Another form is the little spheres. These give the dish a softer look due to the lack of sharp edges. You can tell that these objects are 3D even though the picture is 2D because you can see the space behind the objects. As well as seeing the depth of the objects and how some are more prominent than others.

Space – In this dish space is used all over. It’s used in the reflection as well. all of the objects are put in front of each other and are overlapping. The spaces between the leaves and spheres are negative spaces, while the leaves and spheres are positive spaces. The different forms of space give the dish a wider look as well as a more 3D appearance.

Value/Tone – Value and tone are a bit more difficult to pick up in this image. To start off the image has a reflection which give the picture a slight tone to it. Next the artist/baker/photographer used different light and dark colours for the leaves and spheres. This gives the dish a nice contrast so you can easily see the different parts of the dish. This contrast makes the dish more appealing as well as aesthetically pleasing.


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