Elements of Design 6

Texture – This photo is great for texture. The cake on the outside looks moist and fluffy due to the slightly holey texture. On the inside it also looks moist but also a bit dense but yet still fluffy. This is because of the closer together holey texture it has. The gel or jam inside the cake looks quite thick and quite smooth with the occasional but from seeds or pieces of cake. The glaze on top looks very smooth because you cant see and grainy areas.

Form – This dish really only has one form in it. The form is the round half cylinder shape that the cake is in. The round shape gives the cake a more homemade feel because it doesn’t have sharp straight edges. Also where the icing has hit the table it has created some flat spheres. This adds to the more homemade look that the dish has.

Value/Tone – In This photo There is plenty of value and tone. One of which is the white glaze used on the dark brown cake. This makes the white colour of the glaze really pop out and be very eye catching. Another one is how the shadows are on the cake. They make the bottom of the cake look darker than the top as well as giving the illusion of more cake. Another example of value and tone in this cake is the dark red jam in the light colour of the cake. As well as adding a plash of colour it also adds an eye catching element to the dish.


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