This brownie plate has 4 elements at use in it. To start off is the Main dish, which is a brownie with some melted marshmallow on top, all on a graham cracker. The crunch In this plate is the graham cracker, graham cracker crumbs and the oreo crumbs. The sauce is the dots of caramel and chocolate. Finally the garnish is the melted marshmallow and raspberry.

The goal i had in mind for my brownie plate was to give a clean yet warm feeling to the plate. I was trying to give the idea of a s’more while  less sloppy.

I executed main plan fairly well. The main difference from my plan to my execution was the chocolate swirl. This was on my plan but replaced with a raspberry in the execution. Due to lack of time and skill to make the chocolate swirl.

One thing on this plate I believe I did well was the placement of the sauce dots and the graham cracker crumbs. This is because they are clean straight lines that get smaller as they get towards the edge of the plate.



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