Pysankas (Ukrainian Easter Eggs)

Over time as I worked on my Pysankas they slowly got better with less shaky lines. As well I also was sable to make the last egg (even though it was the most complex) the fastest. The very first tip I would give is that you don’t need to keep refilling your     with wax because it last for a very long time just keep warming the   up. Another tip would be to take your time, its not a race and the more you are slow, calm and focus the better you will do. Another tip is to let the egg air dry slightly after taking it out of the dye because it helps keep the colour from smudging off.Pysanka flowerUp above was my first Pysanka. I call it my rainbow flower Pysanka. I chose to do the flower becauseI thought it would be simple to do(which it was) and look really nice. I chose to make the flower rainbow because for one rainbows are very beautiful, but the more meaningful reason is because it is a symbol of the LGBTQ+ community of which I am a part of.

Pysanka intricatePysanka triThe two Pysankas above are actually different sides of the same egg. This egg I wanted to do more intricate work because it is my more traditional egg. To start off with though is the meaning behind my choices for this Pysanka. For one I chose The little triangle pattern because in some abstract way it looks like an upside down triforce of courage from legend of Zelda.  Since this is my traditional egg it has specific patterns put on it that make it traditional. These are the triangle windmill thing, the shapes that look like fox heads, as well as the entire pattern in the top picture. The Triangle windmill thing Is a symbol for a spider web this symbolizes perseverance and strength. The fox heads are modified symbols for suns and stars, they represent life itself; growth and good fortune. Finally the pattern on the top picture is a Ribbon which represent a never ending line that symbolizes everlasting life.

pysanka consta

This Pysanka has a pattern of the different star signs in their constellation forms.  Ever since I was little I have been interested in astronomy and for this egg I though I would incorporate that idea. So I chose easily recognizable constellations (ie. the star signs) I did the actual stars that make up the constellations with rainbow colours and then connected the stars afterwards with yellow.


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